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Dog Boarding Kennels

Gold Coast Dog Boarding Kennels

The kennels were re-built about 12 years ago,  and our dog boarding facilities include brick and tile kennels with concrete floors.  Walls between the kennels are brick construction varying in height from 1/2 metre to 1+1/2 metres depending on the size and breed of dog boarding within the kennel.  The remainder of the internal walls is mesh construction from the brick wall to the ceiling.  The internal mesh walls allow for good ventilation throughout the kennel.

Doors to each kennel are mesh construction with a secured walkway between the front of each kennel and the common grassed exercise yard.

Puppy with his ball in the sand courtesy Andrew Pons

Bruno with his favourite ball on the beach

Each kennel consists of trampoline beds with bedding, but if you should bring along your dogs favourite blanket or one of your “old” shirts, we are only too happy to line their beds with their scents and your scents, to help make their stay more familiar!  Their toys are welcome, but we can’t always guarantee their safe return!

Twice a day the dogs are out both mornings and afternoons for play sessions, etc in the common grassed exercise yards.  Where possible we place the dogs in playgroups with similar dogs for socialisation and fun! And company!  Sometimes, some dogs are not sociable and play in the yards on their own or interact through the fences with other dogs in the adjacent exercise yards.

During the middle of the day the dogs are all kennelled and the main meal of the day is served.  (Late arrivals in the afternoon are always fed upon entry)  Dogs with special needs may have two to three meals a day depending on their needs.
Dry food is always left in the kennel to self-feed, but the main wet meal is served at lunch.  This wet meals varies from cooked chicken mince with rice, lentils & garlic, or fish, oils & garlic, or eggs, oils & garlic.  The dry foods are chicken & corn based.
Chicken sausage, raw chicken necks/wings and raw soft brisket bones are offered to our boarding guests.  Those boarders  with special diets are catered for and governed by your instructions upon entry.  Upon entry our staff will discuss the eating habits of your dog and this information is recorded on their nametags for further reference.

Kennels are continually cleaned throughout the day, and any soiled bedding is replaced daily.

Any medication is administered daily, including insulin injections to our diabetic charges.

Long-term boarders are bathed regularly as part of their caring regime.  All boarders receive a complimentary bath after 7 days of boarding.   If you should wish your dog to have a hydrobath & groom please inform the staff upon entry and receive a discount for their bath.

Grooming facilities for our boarders are available by appointment.  Any “clips & grooms” for all breed types ranging from the poodles, malteses, westies, and an assortment of longhaired mixed breeds are catered.  Prices for grooms are noted our Home Page.

Music throughout the day adds to the ambience and “home-stay” experience for our canine guests!

Lots of recognition and chatts with our staff;  lots of hugs and kisses complete the boarding experience with a “sea of wagging-tails” and “tongue hanging smiles” reciprocated!

Grooming Facilities

Our grooming salon is operated by appointment only and upon entry if you should require any “Clips & Grooms” please inform us.

Any non-boarding dogs entering the Grooming Salon must show their Vaccination Certificates upon entry.

Please refer to our “Grooming Price List” found on our Home Page.

Opening Hours

The Office is Open for Trading and Arrivals, Departures & Site-Inspections during our Office Hours:

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 11.30am Mornings

Monday to Friday 3.30pm to 5.30pm in the Afternoons.

Saturday 8:30am – 4:30pm,

Sunday – closed

(Please note that the office is closed to the public on Sundays and Public Holidays.)