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Leaving An Older Pet In The Kennels

Special holiday care for older pets
Aussies just love their animals, and dogs are many people’s favourites. Did you know that 35% of Australian households have a dog? That brings the estimated number of pet dogs in the country to 4.2 million! If you look at it another way, that’s 19 dogs for every 100 people. older pet

But what happens when that energy starts to abate and your dog is gaining in years? OK, a young puppy may be a lot of work, but older pets require lots of caring in a different type of way. Their diet will change, their exercise regime will lessen and they could develop health problems such as arthritis, loss of or impaired vision, obesity, heart trouble and other issues.

This is the time when your dog needs a lot of care. So what do you do when you’re planning a holiday and the dog is simply not up to travel or cannot be taken with you? Thank heavens for the concerned and caring facilities that are available.

There are things you need to be sure of when looking for a facility for your beloved old hound. You want to be comfortable knowing that every possible care is taken of your dog and special attention is always given to the older guests. Invariably old dogs need extra care such as more frequent meals, gentle exercise, a loving cuddle and nurturing on a more in-depth basis than their younger friends.

Any special diet your old companion may be on needs to be adhered to by the boarding kennel, according to your instructions. Let the staff know all about your dog on arrival, his/her likes, dislikes, eating habits and other little things that they love and are used to doing.

Watch out for cleanliness. Kennels should be cleaned on a daily basis, any soiled bedding replaced – let’s face it, accidents can happen, particularly with the older residents. If they do suffer from any problems such as kidney malfunction or diabetes, make sure the staff are up to speed and are competent to help in every way possible, including administering any medications that you may bring with you, once again according to yours and your vet’s instructions.

Ensure your dog’s comfort by taking along some of the things they love, whether it’s bedding or an old jumper with your scent on it, some squeaky toys or a soft cuddly bear that they love to sleep with. Make sure there is a qualified veterinarian on call, should any problems occur while you are away.

You can judge how caring a kennel is when they provide those little extras, like music piped throughout the day, lots of hugs and kisses, special playtimes and the right activities for the older set.

Your dog is special, just as much a member of the family as anyone else. They want to enjoy their holiday too, so it is a good idea to take a guided tour of the kennels beforehand and always investigate thoroughly when choosing kennels, then leaving your old dog for a day, a week, a month or longer, won’t be as difficult as you had imagined.

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