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Boarding Kennels


Our new purpose-built facility was opened in March 2016 after 50yrs of residence at the original venue on Brisbane Road. 

Our new purpose-built facility has many features to boast about


The Misting System comprises of 6 x Large Gym fans with metal misting rings, serviced with pressurised water forcing filtered water under pressure thru the 5 x tiny metal nozzles on each metal misting ring. The misting rings are mounted to the front of each 75cm diameter wall mounted gym fans. At the point of misting, the pressurised water mist, at its smallest size, instantaneously evaporates using about 10 – 12 degrees of thermal energy from its immediate atmosphere, to fan blow this cooled air around the boarding environment, maintaining an ambient cooled temperature, accordingly.

The large EXTRACTION FAN mounted in the roof is drawing the air throughout the building refreshing the entire internal building about 4 times / hour. The air is drawn through the SOUTH side of the building where our ‘rain-forest’ naturally cooling the air temperature on that side of the building; whilst on the NORTH side the Insulated-refrigeration-panelled roofing systemscools the air temperature, respectively

The misting system working with a combination of EXTRACTION FAN drawing in fresh air & the misting-rings & fan systems instantly cooling & maintaining a continual fresh cooled ambient air supply throughout the internal building. All doors & windows are open with continual cooled air movement, effectively creating a healthy building.


  • This misting system differs from Air Conditioning, which is refrigerated & recycled air maintained with all doors & windows closed; and effectively creating an unhealthy building.

  • The misting system differs from an Evaporative Cooler, where air is forced through water to decrease the air temperature within the building. All doors & windows closed; and effectively creating an unhealthy building.



Insulated-refrigeration-panelled roofing systems to the external play yards comprises of an Insulated-refrigeration panelled roofing system, as shown in the link below

During our hot summer 9-months yearly, the dogs can enjoy their outside time in an outdoor shaded ambient atmosphere Our new roofing system is just like standing under a very big tree! With its “branches & foliage”, providing much cooled ambience

Please, note that the roofing system compliments the Misting System & Extraction fans providing cooled outside air into the building to be further cooled with the misting systems Our ‘building inside our building’ is built floor to ceiling with concrete core filled concrete bricks that ‘work’ to maintain the temperature within the building; ‘like a cave’ and in association with the thermal acoustic ceiling All systems are natural and with science all work together to provide an economical cost effective cooling system, ensuring a healthy building & ambience